Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Adventures in Puglia Pt.3 - Lunch Outfits

That day we went to a lunch date with my italian aunt and uncle. There are so many beautiful locations, which are also used as event locations with huge garden areas. The top I found at the Zara Sale and the Jeansskirt is from Tk Maxx. I love that shirt Tim wore that day. So colourful and 80slike.
You wont believe where we found it. It's from C&A.

An dem Tag sind wir mittags mit meiner Tante und Onkel in einem Restaurant essen gegangen, in das wir quasi jedes Jahr gehen. Sozusagen schon eine Tradition. Es gibt so viele versteckte, riesige Locations, die auch als Eventlocations dienen. 
Das Top habe ich noch vor unserer Abreise im Zara Sale gefunden, der Jeansrock ist von Tk Maxx. Aber noch mehr liebe ich das Hemd das Tim an diesem Tag trug. So schöne Farben und so schön 80s mäßig. Und man wird es kaum glauben, wo wir es gefunden haben. Bei C&A. :)

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Adventures in Puglia Pt.2 -Birra e Sound

Some years ago, while vacationing in Italy, we heard a radio commercial and spontaneously drove to Leverano, to visit the italian version of the german beerfest. And we were absolutely wowed. So we planned our last summer vacation around that event. The first time we were so impressed by the setup and light installations and also the music acts and openair party made us dance. This time everything was a bit chaotic, but we still enjoyed it and it was no comparison to our german beerfest in our hometown.

Vor einigen Jahren waren wir das erste Mal auf der italienischen Bierbörse "Birra e Sound" und wir waren begeistert. Angefangen bei dem Aufbau der Stände und der Lichtinstallationen bis zu den Musikacts und der Openairparty, alles hat uns gefallen. Unseren letzten Sommerurlaub haben wir dann sozusagen um dieses Event organisiert, weil wir es einige Jahre nicht dorthin geschafft haben und unbedingt wieder hin wollten. Leider waren wir dieses Mal nicht mehr so hin und weg, denn irgendwie war alles viel chaotischer. Dennoch kann man es mit den deutschen Bierbörsen nicht vergleichen und wir hatten trotzdem unseren Spass.:)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Adventures in Puglia Pt 1

The most important components during my holidays are definitely these three: sightseeing, a beautiful and clear sea and an interesting nightlife. After we did a lot of sightseeing in Naples, we were ready for some chilling at the beach and parties. So we traveled to another region of Italy, Puglia and to the hometown of half of my family, Gallipoli, which is best known for their beaches and nightlife. And because I go there since I was little, it always feels like coming home. And one thing, we think about all year long, is the delicious fried fish and so we did this on our first night out. And with a full stomach we then went to the old town and drank some cocktail on the promenade.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Naples - Day 6 - Vesuvius

On our last day in Naples, we only put one activity on our scedule, which was the Vesuvius. To be honest, I wasn't really in the mood for that, and, above all, not at 30 degrees in the shade. But because my bf already wanted to visit the volcano on our first trip to Naples, but nobody wanted to come along, because we choose other sights to visit, this time I had to do him the favour. Fortunately there is a bus, which takes you quiet far up. Then there is a first rest area, half way up to the crater, where I almost wanted to give up and stay, and a second one at the crater. What it's definitely missing during the way up are shaded places and at some times I thought I would get a sunstroke, so I would suggest wearing a hat or bringing an umbrella with you. A lot to drink and comfortable shoes are essential. What we found very strange was, that we didn't have much time after arriving at the crater. We took some photos and then we really had to run down to catch the bus.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Naples - Day 5 - Shop & Eat

Before I get to the last day of our stay and to our last activity, the visit of Vesuvius, I have some pics I have to get rid of, which I shot during a shopping spree after we visited the Palazzo Reale. We rarely manage to do two sightseeing activities on one day, mainly because we always get up so late. (yes, we are definitely nightowls:) So after we did the sightseeing, we then often walk around and/or go shopping. Napoli is one of our favorite shopping cities, because you can not only find the big brands, but also many little shops with the newest fashion trends.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Naples - Day 5 - Palazzo Reale

Day 5 and after our failure the day before, we succeeded in visiting the Royal Palace. which is directly at the Piazza del Plebiscito. Of course the palace has it's own unique style, but for me it seemed a bit different in comparison to other baroque ones, because you can clearly see the spanish influence. But see for yourself.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Favorites - Beauty Top 5 in June

Even though I created a german beautyblog, because I found it too tiring to write all my reviews in two languages and because of that, I often delayed or even dismissed blogposts, I wanted to write about beauty related stuff over here again. I want to share more of the things I'm loving, like I did back then. Not only travel posts, but also more fashion and beauty again. So today I'll show you my top 5 products from June and I imagine myself, doing these kind of posts now every other month.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Naples Day 4 - By the sea

After our visit at the Villa Pignatelli (previous post), we had another destination, which was the Royal Palace. So we walked along the promenade and through the beautiful district Chiaia with an amazing view over the sea and on Vesuvius. And with the heat you consider taking a bath. Like I do now, jumping through my screen into the water. Once again we were too late to visit the Palazzo, so we decided to just stroll around and switch to our two other favorite activities, shopping and eating. Starting at Piazza del Plebiscito, we went to the old shopping mall, Galleria Umberto, which almost looks like the one in Milan, but was under construction at that time. There I had to try the neapolitan speciality Baba, a yeast-risen pastry, which is soaked in liquor. Then later, while walking through the historical center, we also found one of the most famous pizza places of Naples, the Pizzeria di Matteo. It is so well known, because of their most famous client, Bill Clinton, who bought a Pizza there in 1994. Buuut, the pizza, like almost everyone in Naples, was great.